NASA Graphics Standards Manual

As children of the 80s, the iconic NASA logo we grew up with — affectionately known as the worm — isn’t easily displaced in our minds despite the return to the original logo in 1992. And the NASA Graphics Standards Manual, penned by design agency Danne & Blackburn, that kicked off this memorable insignia is now available to anyone with eighty bucks and enough design curiosity. Printed from scans of Richard Danne’s personal copy of the manual (and one of the few still around), this reissue is essentially unaltered albeit in form: it’s hardcover instead of binder-bound. It describes and instructs on all things brand-related, unifying NASA’s image at the time and clarifying logo placement as well as overall design vision. Also included is a foreword by Danne alongside never before seen materials from his archive and an essay on NASA’s culture while the manual was still in use.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $80