Nanotips Touchscreen Solution For Gloves

We wouldn’t blame you for not investing in a pair of capacitive gloves. To be sure, their cost is slightly prohibitive, but the main issue is most just don’t really work that well. Instead, make your existing gloves touch-compatible with Nanotips. Paint a touch of this polyamide solution onto a glove fingertip or two of your to mimic the conductance of human skin, meaning your gloves will function flawlessly with any modern smartphone or tablet. Two flavors exist for treating your entire stockpile of gloves – black and blue – the former formulated specifically for leather and other thick materials while the latter tackles fabric gloves and dries invisibly. And if its capacitance ever wears off, just reapply: each bottle stocks enough solution to treat 15 (blue) to 30 (black) fingers.

Grab a bottle at Amazon – $19