Mucha Liga Tequila

Best. Decanters. Ever. Mucha Liga Tequila is personified by their distinctive bottling. But there’s more to this libation than just clever marketing. Three distinct Tequilas make Mucha Liga the source for fresh, fiery and fearless agave. Bravo is an unaged, clear tequila in its purest form taking flavor from blue agave for a natural, fresh and light experience to be enjoyed neat. Canibal ups the ante with a tequila rested in white oak barrels with a balance of caramel and blue agave. If these two aren’t enough, Mucha Liga also offers Invicto. Field matured agave is processed and rested in barrels to become a robust and bold Anejo. Any one of this familia makes for a phenomenal drink, neat, rocks or mixed.

Hit up Mucha Liga to learn more – $43+