Mr. Coffee Smart Brew Coffeemaker

If anything’s gonna get us out of bed in the morning, it’ll be the thought of a hot, comforting cup of coffee. And with Mr. Coffee’s Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker, you’ve got full control right from your smartphone with Belkin’s WeMo app. WiFi enabled, you can set it to brew from anywhere, even scheduling weeks’ worth of brew time at once, adjusting times from a distance, and cancelling/delaying brews at will. Of course, all these features would be moot without the machine actually being half-decent on its own, so the brewer is equipped with Optimal Brew technology to heat water to an optimal 205 degrees, a double-walled insulated carafe with 10 cup capacity, plus both a removable brew basket and water reservoir for easy fill and cleaning.

Grab one at Amazon – $142