Motoped Survival

Versatile as hell and far faster than your unpowered bicycle, the Motoped Survival is ready for the unexpected. You can pedal if you need to — for instance, if you’d like to keep noise levels down or if the fuel tank has dried out — but the latter’s unlikely considering two optional side-mounted fuel tanks can take you up to 300 miles between fill-ups. It comes with one of two engines (or none, if you’d like to add your own): a 49cc pumping out 2 horsepower or a 125cc giving 7.78 horsepower. Both also include adjustable DNM front suspension forks with 6- to 8-inches of travel, a DNM shock for the rear, Hayes Prime DH Hydraulic brakes, and a large aluminum rear rack capable of holding 30 pounds of gear.

Learn more at Motoped – $3,200 to $3,800