Moto 360

The splash made by Apple Watch temporarily distracted many from noticing another recently released smartwatch of the Android variety — notably, one that’s actually available for preorder right now. Motorola’s Moto 360 is a thriftier but just as functional timepiece, its internals contained in a round stainless steel case that’s capped with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen and attached to a Horween leather strap. Its default screen, a customizable watch face, displays time in an analog or digital manner, but quickly makes way for notifications, weather, flight alerts, traffic, its built-in activity tracker (including heart rate monitor), and third party apps from the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, and others. It also enjoys an all-day battery, widespread Android compatibility, working with any device running 4.3 or above, and a wireless docking station that lets it double as a bedside clock.

Order at Amazon – $230