Motiv Ring Activity & Sleep Tracker

Traditionally — or at least as long as they’ve existed, which isn’t all that long — fitness trackers have occupied space on one of your wrists. The Motiv Ring Activity & Sleep Tracker is similar in function except it’s both far smaller and takes up real estate that isn’t in such high demand: one of your ten fingers. The device tracks activity and sleep thanks to a 3-axis accelerometer as well your heart rate using an optical heart rate sensor, displaying collected data on its accompanying app to give you a detailed breakdown of what you did and how you slept. A titanium shell makes the ring lightweight and 5ATM waterproofing means you don’t need to worry about bringing it in the shower or even taking it swimming. And since sizing is particularly important a sizing kit is used before your ring ships to ensure fit is perfect. Each comes with two magnetic chargers: one for home as well as one for your keychain just in case your Motiv needs a top up while you’re out and about.

Learn more at Motiv – $200