Mophie Power Capsule

Wireless headphones weren’t truly mainstream but they will be very soon. And unless you’re picking up a pair of AirPods that already come with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, Mophie’s Power Capsule should come in handy. A built-in 1,400 mAh battery makes this case not only protect — thanks to its durable soft-touch outer shell — but also charge your short-lived cordless headphones. Plug one end of your cable to the headphones in question and  the other to the USB port inside and they’ll start charging. There’s enough juice in the Power Capsule to add about 60 hours of playtime to most wireless headphones, though it’ll work well with fitness trackers and smart watches as well. There’s even a set of LED power indicators underneath that display current charge status at the push of a button.

Find it at Mophie – $40