Monsieur Robotic Bartender

Move over Mr. Boston, there’s a new kid in town, Monsieur, the artificially intelligent robotic bartender. Forget searching for drink recipes; instead, sample drink options customized around a theme or to your own taste with intelligent suggestions. Twelve unique profiles, each with 25 cocktails, let Monsieur pour out up to 150 drinks before refilling, meaning this personal bartender can just as well service you and a couple of friends or an all-out bash. The touch order screen makes drink selection a breeze, though if you’re too busy (or lazy) to get up, your smartphone can order drinks remotely. Monsieur also monitors your drinking preferences, drink count, estimated blood alcohol level, and can even help call a cab. Android powered plus Wifi, Bluetooth and Zigbee enabled, the unit knows when you get home, and can be configured to offer drinks accordingly. And like any good barkeep, you can spill all your problems and rely on Monsieur to keep them to himself.

Learn more or preorder at Monsieur – $4,000