MONO M80 Guitar Case

Dire Straits knew it. Foreigner got it. John (when he was a Cougar) Mellencap even lauded the idea. If you want to be cool (and get chicks) you’ve gotta learn to play guitar. With the stylish and functional Mono M80 case, you can look like you play, bypassing all the work that comes with being an actual musician. Built around a lightweight shell that’s drop-proof, Mono’s case employs the patented Headlock design that stabilizes your ax during transport while weighing 75% less than its hardcase counterparts. The M80 also keeps your gear where you want it with storage compartments, gussets, hidden upper pockets, and even pen slots. Built to military specs with only high-test materials, this Mono is abrasion and element resistant with killer lines and an attitude that matches any musician. There’s even an interior pick window so your picks don’t feel boxed in.

Check out their offerings (including dual-guitar/bass options) at Mono or Amazon – $230+