Modul’Air Inflatable Furniture

Google image search inflatable furniture and most everything you see will be bright colored and tacky. But it needn’t be. Pigro Felice’s Modul’Air Inflatable Furniture instead makes comparatively elegant pieces designed with proportions tied to a basic cube that’s repeated throughout each one. The collection includes an armchair that transforms into a lounger, a sofa that can unfold into a double lounger, and a water hammock. Integrated magnets make each unit compatible with Pigro Felice’s magnetic cup holders and magnetic cups, the latter seemingly impossibly sitting on top of a magnetically-equipped segment of the furniture without tipping over. All pieces are equally suited to use in your pool and, thanks to their modular nature, come together to create massive floating platforms that’ll suit any setting (or any size pool).

Learn more at Pigro Felice or Amazon – $140 to $730 [via]