Modpool Shipping Container Pool

Investing in an in-ground pool is risky if your career comes with the possibility — or necessity — of an eventual upheaval and relocation. Not that most above ground pools are much easier to move. One exception: the Modpool Shipping Container Pool. Because it’s built into a modified and windowed shipping container this pool is both easier to set up and dismantle, and doesn’t require the pouring of concrete or the digging of a particularly large hole. Instead, it comes in one size: 8 by 20 feet. All mechanical and electrical equipment are self-contained within one side of the unit and controls are accessible right from your smartphone, as are jets and lighting. Its heaters are powerful enough to get temperatures up in subzero climates as well, so it can also keep serving as a hot tub in colder months as well as a refreshing pool in summer.

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