Mochibag Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring backpacks have a lot going for them – they’re lightweight, compact, scrunch up for easy transport when empty, but they’re also rife with faults, notably durability (or lack of it), the way their cords become uneven with repeated use, and the challenge that opening one poses. Mochibag greatly improves this design by removing standard fixed bottom corner anchor points and focing even open/close motions to ensure that the strings remain perfectly balanced on both sides for easy carrying. It’s also got a deep side zip pocket for quick-access stuff like a phone or a map, handles for easy opening that snap together to double as a handgrip, and is made, top to bottom, of resilient materials including water-repellant nylon, soft marine ropes, and durable plastic & metal hardware. Frankly, we’re torn between the leather-laden special edition models and the adventure edition, which sports 8 feet of paracord as a handle.

Grab one at Amazon – $35