Misfit Shine 2

While its predecessor was one of the thinnest and most understated wearables around, the go-anywhere Misfit Shine 2 is even thinner — a near-invisible 8mm — and stronger thanks to a T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The device’s internals includes a 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer to accurately track both sleep and activity, also optionally nudging you via a subtle vibration to get you off your chair and moving, if for a moment. Twelve multicolor LEDs display daily activity progress while a capacitive touch sensor on its face lets the device respond to your touch. It also doubles as a wireless remote to playing/pausing music, snapping photos, and more, is equipped with 6 months of battery life off of a single coin cell battery, and offers smart notifications (and wakeup alarm) by way of vibrations, ensuring important alerts never go unnoticed.

Get it in black or rose gold at Amazon – $100