Misfit Flare Fitness Tracker

Activity trackers often come with a myriad of extra features that you invariable pay for whether you need them or not. Not the Misfit Flare Fitness Tracker. This slim, spartan device does what it promises and not much more, keeping tabs on your steps taken, your sleep, calories burned, and even tracks specific activities like swimming, soccer, and yoga. It’s without a display but features a single LED beneath a capacitive crystal face that you can touch to play music while you work out, skip through presentation slides, and that can also be used as a remote shutter for snapping group photos. The rest — like consulting gathered activity data and such — is done using an app that syncs your phone to the device using Bluetooth 4.1. There aren’t even batteries to charge regularly since a single replaceable coin cell battery powers the compact Flare for about four months.

Learn more at Misfit – $60