Pill Pack

Sorting through a myriad of medications — not to mention taking them properly — can be a nightmare. Pill Pack greatly simplifies the process. Instead of shipping you drugs in vials and having you figure it out, this online independent pharmacy sorts your medications by the dose for each time of day and wraps them in small, square sachets that are way easier to manage. They also ship to your door for…



Good Cigar Co Pack

There’s a well-curated, home-delivered service for just about everything nowadays, so we’re barely surprised to discover Good Cigar Co’s Good Cigar Pack. Intended for newcomers and cigar aficionados looking to discover new cigars alike, each humidity-sealed pack comes with everything you need, including two carefully chosen cigars, a cutter, a box of matches, and detailed tasting notes to help you better understand what it is you’re smoking (and…

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Campfire Candle

The scents of a campfire evoke vivid memories for us. The smell of a burning Campfire Candle will, too, though it (unfortunately) won’t be accompanied by the smell of steak or perfectly roasted marshmallows. Still, this 100% soy wax candle smells just like a real life campfire, minus the actual smoke, and is perfect to light before cracking open a few cold beers with good friends. Burns for over 80…

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Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass

Overthought, overdesigned, and extravagant to a fault, you’ll still definitely not want to drop a Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass, especially once you’ve had a peek at the price tag. The hefty, oversized borosilicate glass shape is formed using a complex choreography of torches and turning machines — and all completely by eye, no less — before being filled not with sand but with roughly 1.25 million nanoball spheres made of copper-coated stainless…

GET IT: $12,000


Single Edge Safety Razor 2.0

The most minimal shave experience just got better with the Single Edge Safety Razor 2.0. The second iteration of the popular razor boasts a sleek injection molded stainless steel body that sports but a single blade, shaving at the surface of your skin without pulling hairs up before cutting like multiple blade cartridge do and thus minimizing irritation and ingrown hair. Three shave settings governed by three interchangeable heads let you…



Killspencer Dog Collection

Killspencer’s black-on-black leather luxuries are finally coming to a pet near you. The Killspencer Dog Collection features expertly constructed leashes, collars, and harnesses, all handmade in their Los Angeles Workshop of thick bullhide leather or 1200lb mil-spec black nylon webbing. The leash comes in your choice of the two materials as does the adjustable collar (shown, left), which also features a military grade Cobra buckle, while the harness comes…

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The Periodic Table of Cocktails

The periodic table of elements organizes chemical elements by several properties. Emma Stokes’ The Periodic Table of Cocktails aims to do the same for cocktails. While organizing drinks isn’t as simple as counting protons and studying electron configurations the book’s table lays them out by one base alcohol per row and groups them close to other cocktails with similar flavor profiles. Meaning if you know you like one particular drink…

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Mayku FormBox

It’s compact and not particularly high tech, but the Mayku FormBox can help you make stuff that your 3D printer couldn’t dream of — though they’d work particularly well together, and you’ll soon see why. This desktop vacuum former plugs to your existing vacuum cleaner using a universal adapter and makes molds of things in seconds: just load in a thermo-plastic sheet (ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, or other plastic…

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Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V

Whether one believes man has stepped foot on the moon or not — and, for the record, we sincerely hope you do — the Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V is bound to astonish even lukewarm brick-building fans. The one meter high rocket model comes together with a total of 1,969 bricks and splits apart into its three stages just like the real thing did back in the late 1960’s en route to the moon. The…

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Le Labo Santal 26 Home Diffuser

Made of wood reclaimed from New York’s water tanks and fitted with a functional Edison bulb, Le Labo’s Santal 26 Home Diffuser is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the nose. The diffuser features a nebulizer in a glass vase to vaporize Le Labo’s Santal 26 fragrance oil into a fine mist that takes to the air and spreads around your home without the need…

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Mastercard Fingerprint Reading Credit Card

As you’re punching away yet another PIN number as you buy a coffee or pay for lunch, know that the future is brighter — and we’re not talking about Apple Pay. The Mastercard Fingerprint Reading Credit Card is no bigger or thicker than a traditional credit card but is certainly both safer and faster than existing chip cards to confirm your identity, with a fingerprint reader integrated right on the…



A Job To Love

Enjoying, or at least appreciating, your work in one way or another is often important for living a fulfilled life, especially considering the sheer number of hours dedicated to it on a weekly basis. Still, many are left unsatisfied, and without a tempting alternative to pursue. The School Of Life’s A Job To Love wants to help you figure it out. While a relatively short read at 189 pages, the…

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Barrington Watch Winders

The job of a watch winder is pretty simple: spin a watch many times over to keep it wound. But any automatic watch amateur knows this job is crucial, lest they wear the watch just about every day. Barrington Watch Winders get this done reliably and with a design aesthetic that won’t be outclassed by the contained watch itself. Each winder features a whisper quiet motor that won’t drive you crazy while winding,…

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Egg Shop: The Cookbook

The Egg Shop is New York’s answer to an all hours brunch and cocktails hangout. Egg Shop: The Cookbook is Chef, Egg Shop partner, and author Nick Korbee’s recipe opus to that establishment. Eggs are more than just super protein packed in a to-go shell: they’re the perfect compliment to New York’s wealth of local produce and artisanal meats, grains and cheeses. With the Egg Shop cookbook, you…

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Food & Drink

Candiewood Farm Whiskey-Treated Wood Chips

Rubs and marinades play an important role in the ultimate taste of your meats when grilling and smoking. As does the wood burned. Candiewood Farm’s Whiskey-Treated Wood Chips set themselves apart from generic woods both by the way they’re prepared and flavored. They’re hand-cut of maple and hickory trees in small batches, then treated and soaked in a custom concoction of whiskey and spices that also contains either honey and chilli jam in…

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Boie USA Toothbrush

It’s indisputably cool looking. But more than that, the Boie USA Toothbrush is clever in a myriad of ways. For instance, it’s head is interchangeable so you won’t throw away the handle every couple of months. The bristles are also made of a softer, rubber-like material that’s less abrasive on your enamel and gums, and are embedded with silver for boosted antimicrobial properties. The heads last longer, too, so you’ll…

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Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

Currently, we adapt our infrastructure to wheelchairs — or try to — by way of ramps or elevators to go up stairs. On the contrary, the Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair doesn’t need much help. Firstly, this high-tech wheelchair typically balances on two wheels to allow for on-a-dime rotations and driving up curbs without much fuss, controlled by a simple joystick interface. A pair of rubber tracks handle tougher challenges like stairs, though, transitioning from…




Addictions are a dime a dozen in our modern societies. And increasingly we’ve become addicted and obsessed with content spawned from our technology — something we’re fairly confident that virtual reality won’t help. Adam Alter, a professor of psychology and marketing at NYU, penned Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked to take a deeper look into these addictions and the digital products that…

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Lab-Box Daylight Film Developing Kit

Like vinyl records, analog photography is picking back up. So it follows that developing is as well. The Lab-Box Daylight Film Developing Kit makes it simple to develop your own 135 or 120 film photos without the need for a red light nor a darkroom. To load, trim a bit off the end of your exposed film, then insert it into the module slot, hook the film to the…

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Art Record Covers

Most contemporary art is out the layperson’s reach, though own a few good vinyls and you’ve basically already got some in the form of record sleeves. Francesco Spampinato’s Art Record Covers makes a point to catalog and present some of the best covers and records from the past six odd decades, with nothing short of 500 covers to show for it. Alongside the imagery you’ll find fact sheets, interviews with the musicians, and…

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Air-Ink Air Pollution Ink

Air pollution is a challenge for nearly every big city. Tiger Beer and MIT Media Lab’s collaborative Air-Ink initiative doesn’t just reduce levels of vehicular emissions but actually puts that pollution to good use in the form of water-resistant ink in markers and for screen printing. Unburned carbon soot is captured by a proprietary Kaalink device retrofitted to vehicle exhaust pipes: every 45 minutes or so of emissions produces 1…

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Monarch Box

It’s hard enough to hide the fact that you’re planning to pop the question without a big, bulky box bulging out of your pocket. The Monarch Box is both much slimmer and much better built than the cheap faux-leather or faux-velvet box that came with it. Each Monarch Box is CNC machined of either aluminum or stainless steel and lined with Bridal Satin, the former then anodized in blue,…

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Pacific Shaving Co. Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis

Lets face it: individual pod formats of products like dishwasher soap and laundry detergent are here to stay. So may as well embrace Pacific Shaving Co’s Single-Use Shaving Cream Minis. While they force you to use a preselected amount of product rather than winging it yourself from a traditional can of shaving cream, these water-soluble pods — which dissolve in your hands with a bit of water and friction — are more likely to…



Ship One Rose

You don’t need a truckload of roses to make her feel special come Valentine’s Day — a single good one will do the trick. Ship One Rose does for you just that, sending a single high quality organic rose, grown in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, in your choice of color to your significant other. The rose comes in one of two types of cardboard tubes — the Modern Rose (shown)…

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