Minus-8 Layer Leather Watch

As its name suggests, Minus-8’s Layer Leather Watch is built of layers. Four, to be precise, form its case, with each physical vapor deposition-coated ring stacked to create its unique stepped face. Each layer is machined of 316L stainless steel to extremely precise tolerances for a tight fit and to ensure water resistance to 100 meters, suitable for prolonged swimming or diving. The watch’s Seiko Automatic NH35A movement features a 40 hour power reserve and sits between sapphire crystal on both sides, the closest to the wrist granting a view into the mechanism and balance wheel within. Each timepiece is rounded out with a vegetable tanned leather strap with raw suede backing and a stainless steel buckle. Available in four colorways from the subtle black on black to the bold silver and blue (shown).

Hit up Minus-8 for details – $498