Miniot Wheel Turntable

You’d be forgiven for wondering where Miniot Wheel Turntable’s tonearm’s hiding. It’s only visible once you lift up the vinyl sitting on Wheel, since the laminated mahogany linear tonearm and AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge sit underneath and play the record from its B-side. Besides looking sleek and minimal this unique setup allows the turntable to play records when placed horizontally on a flat surface or mounted vertically to a wall while keeping its delicate, sensitive components free from dust. A center stick controls playback including on/off and volume by turning, play/pause by tapping, and skipping tracks when shifted left or right. It’s also got your standard analog outputs and and comes in walnut, cherry, mahogany, and a special edition Indian rosewood paired to a champagne-colored aluminum platter.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $600