Mini Museum Third Edition

Maybe you missed the first Mini Museum. Perhaps the second as well. Or maybe you didn’t but still need a Mini Museum Third Edition. Encased in this transparent Lucite acrylic block is a range of curiosities and rarities that are sure to catch the eye. It comes in two sizes — large and small — which feature 29 and 12 specimens, respectively, and which include a piece of a 14th century samurai sword, a bit of mission-flown food from the space station Mir, a hunk of metal from the SR-71, 4.5 billion year old space gems, bone from the real dire wolf before its extinction, and a snippet of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck. Shipping alongside the Mini Museum is a microfibre pouch, a certificate of authenticity, and a full-color companion guide which gives you more insight into just what exactly it is you’re looking at.

Learn more at Mini Museum – $130 to $300