Milwaukee Redstick Level

You might not think much about spirit levels, but Milwaukee does. And the fruit of their labor is the Redstick Level. It’s first of all precise, with a guaranteed accuracy of just 0.029 degrees provided by highly readable, high-contrast (and replaceable, in the event that one breaks or ceases to be accurate) magnified vials. Moreover its red aluminum frame isn’t completely hollow but is instead reinforced by a metal backbone at the level’s weakest points (namely, where the middle vial is held) for added durability against drops and added resistance against bends. The Redstick also features rare earth magnets for serious gripping power, precision milled measuring surfaces to ensure there are no slight production defects that might affect your results, removable rubber end caps, and comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 96 inches depending on your needs. Bigger models even feature a handle or two to simplify use and carry.

Grab one at Acme Tools – $60+