Filling your kettle with more water than you need before setting it to boil might seem logical given its nature, but all that wasted energy adds up. Miito sidesteps this waste by instead heating up only as much water as you need, directly in the cup you plan on drinking it in. Just place your non-ferrous vessel (a cup, bowl, teapot, made of glass, ceramics, heat-resistant plastics, etc — in short, not made of a magnetic metal) atop Miito, drop in the heating rod, and tap its touch-sensitive button to turn it on. Through induction, Miito heats the disk at the end of the rod, in turn heating the liquid around it and quickly attaining temperatures as high as boiling before automatically shutting off. Best of all it can also heat milk, soup, and other non-water liquids while sparing you the need to clean another pot.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $100