Mighty Wallet – Tyvek

We usually go through about 1 and a half wallets per year. We can’t really help it: sooner or later they start looking ragged, then begin falling apart, no matter how robust they appeared to be at the time of purchase.

If you see yourself in these words, you might want to consider the Mighty Wallet (affectionately known as the Paper wallet). While it looks like paper, trying to tear one will rapidly debunk that theory. These wallets are instead made from Tyvek, a material used in housing linings (and also sometimes comes in the form of a pouch included with debit cards).

Tyvek makes them very durable, water resistant, compression resistant (since they’re as thin as paper), and interesting-looking, as they’re available in a wide variety of printed designs.

Locate a store near you and check one out for yourself, or check it out on Amazon – via MightyWallets – 15$.