Microsoft Surface Studio

Using the Microsoft Surface Studio is no different than your current PC. Unless you want it to be. Its 28-inch display is the thinnest ever made and tilts down weightlessly thanks to a Zero Gravity hinge to give you a massive digital canvas for drawing, painting, and designing. The 3:2, 10-bit color display boasts PixelSense, which supports up to 10 multi-touch points simultaneously, and has a resolution of 4500×3000 — higher than even 4K. Besides the traditional mouse and keyboard the Surface Studio works with the Surface Pen, the same writing implement used with Microsoft’s Surface tablets and that has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, plus the Surface Dial, which adds a new dimension of movable tactile controls over the screen. And it’s not running toned-down internal hardware, either: depending on options, the computer features a 6th gen Intel Core i5 or i7, up to 32GB of RAM, 1TB to 2TB of hybrid hard drive, and up to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU with 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

Learn more at Microsoft – $3,000+ [image used with permission from Microsoft]