Meriwether Tent

Cramped, claustrophobic, and stuffy. These three words won’t ever be used to describe Shelter Co’s Meriwether Tent. This 16-foot wide, 9.5-foot tall teepee-style tent can fit a large crew of adults comfortably – 4 to 6, according to their website, though we presume they mean very comfortably. Each Meriwether is constructed with a fully attached waterproof vinyl ground sheet at its base and a water resistant canvas upper, all in all weighing in at 65 pounds dry including stakes and poles. And should hot, humid weather – or the company of several burly men in an enclosed space – deteriorate air quality, 3 screened vents at its apex in conjunction with 4 closable sidewall screen windows and a screen door keep a cool breeze circulating and everybody happy.

Learn more at Shelter Co’s Square Page – $1,250