Mercury Solo Modular Kayak

Kayaking is a boatload of good times (we’re not sorry), but their length and overall size makes it impossible to own and transport one without also owning a roof-rack equipped vehicle, lest it folds. Point65’s Mercury Solo modular kayak, instead, comes apart into three pieces, of which the nose fits in the cockpit, for simplified transport in the trunk or back of a large car or SUV. Mercury’s individual segments each float and are watertight, offer plenty of dry storage space in the front and aft pieces, and snap together rigidly in seconds using their Snap Tap system. They’re also equipped with all the usual amenities, including foot pedals, cup holders, a comfortable seat and back pad, and can be extended indefinitely by snapping in extra mid-sections (check out LL. Bean’s absurd 100-man kayak).

Learn more at Point65 or Amazon – $1,250+ [via]