Mellow Smart Sous-Vide

Cooking sous-vide is becoming more and more mainstream, and Mellow’s take on a sous-vide machine is, frankly, much smarter than its predecessors. Cooking with Mellow couldn’t be simpler. Wrap some food in a ziplock bag, then drop it inside Mellow’s tank; Mellow notices the weight change, and pushes a notification to your smartphone. Then, tell it what you’re cooking, how you like it cooked, and when you want it ready. Go to work, hit the gym, grab a coffee, whatever – Mellow cooks it perfectly every time, and learns from your tastes via feedback after each meal to improve the next one. Else, it cooks up to six portions at once, boasts a double-walled tank for energy efficiency, and has a built-in cooling system for keeping your food fresh while waiting for the perfect time to start heating.

Learn more or preorder at Mellow – $400