Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer

Temperature probes, like headphones, often come attached to one massive annoyance: wires. The Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer cuts the cord while delivering wireless notifications to your smartphone to tell you when your meat is ready. To use Meater, fire up the app, select your target cook temperature, then stick it in your food and place that in the oven or grill. When the target temperature is attained a notification is sent to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth (or by WiFi for extending range with the Meater Block). Its battery is barely an inconvenience, lasting 48 hours of continuous cooking between charges, and it boasts a dual sensor system with both an ambient and internal sensor that can be used in conjunction to estimate the resting temperature of your food, in essence telling you when to take it off the heat — even before target internal temperature is reached — to prevent overcooking as the temperature inside continues to rise as it rests.

Preorder at Indiegogo – $60