Meal Kit Supply MREs

If the impending zombie apocalypse has you in any way worried – and it should – you’d better implement some sort of food plan, stat. Us? We’ll be sticking with Meal Kit Supply’s MREs, or Meals, Ready to Eat, space efficient and hardy meal kits with shelf lives of upwards of 5 years (depending on storage temperature). Each meal pouch contains a 1,300 calorie 3-course meal complete with an entrée, side dish, bread-based item, spread, dessert, beverage, instant coffee pouch and creamer, utensils, plus an extremely practical flameless meal heater that activate with a bit of water and gets your meals – plus water for coffee or cocoa – from lukewarm to piping hot in just 5 minutes.

We were lucky enough to get to pig out on a box of Meal Kit Supply’s MREs and sample every pouch. Let’s just say your canned-food toting buddies will be more than a little envious of your satisfying 3-course meals with all the fixings. Some of our favorites include chicken fajitas with fried rice, vegetable lasagna, chicken with noodles, pork sausage patties with bacon-garnished hash browns, and beef ravioli (plus fudge brownies and toaster pastries if we’re talking desserts), and we’re fairly confident they’d taste even better in a post-apocalyptic world. Aside from emergency and military situations, they’re also great for backcountry adventures, fishing, hiking, and lazy nights where cooking is far too much trouble.

Stock up at Meal Kit Supply or Amazon – $13 per meal / $130 for a 12-pack