McWhinney Active Wedding Rings

The wedding band: a simple, overpriced ring of metal. We’d probably be less inclined to complain if we’d more easily be able to slip a properly-sized ring over our bony knuckles, a problem shared by many men, including Jeff McWhinney, who finally decided to act on it. The result? McWhinney Active Wedding Rings, a set of low-profile, CNC machined wedding bands that boast a unique hinged opening mechanism not entirely unlike those on certain watch straps. They’re easily removed prior to physical activity, showering, or if your fingers are for any reason swollen (bonus: no need for ring cutters, ever). These titanium bands are offered in six styles and a full range of sizes, with each size devoid of shared parts; instead, all components are regionally scaled to maintain proportions, functionality, and aesthetics across the complete range.

Grab one at McWhinney Designs – $825+ [via]