McLaren 570S Coupé

McLaren’s supercars tend to be on the higher range of the price spectrum, though its new Sports Series — the first being the McLaren 570S Coupé — should make the brand a touch more accessible. The 570S boasts a mid-mounted twin-turbo V8 that channels 562bhp and 442 lb-ft of torque through a seven-speed sequential shift transmission, charging from zero to 62 in 3.2 seconds and then back down using carbon ceramic brakes. They employed a carbon fibre structure to minimizes weight, maximize handling, and boosts fuel economy to a very respectable 22.5mpg, exempting owners from gas guzzler tax. Throw in interior options like Alcantara nappa leather, a 1280W Bowers & Wilkins 12 speaker audio system, and an engine full of 150 litres of trunk space, and you’ve got yourself a stunning daily driver that’s more exotic than similarly priced options like the R8 and 911 Turbo S.

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