McDonald’s Shamrock Shake STRAW

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake STRAW stands for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal. It’s also, you know, a straw, but a lot more thought went into this plastic drink-suctioning gizmo than meets the eye. Of course the Chocolate Shamrock Shake itself is a particular type of beast what with its dual-layers of chocolate and mint, so McDonald’s entrusted two aerospace engineering firms to the task. The resulting STRAW’s unique J-shape and four holes (three in the walls of the straw and the last at the tail end) at different positions suck an approximate 50/50 ratio of chocolate and mint without having to move between the two layers as you would a normal straw. And when shake levels drop below the higher-placed holes on the J the bottom hole (at U’s apex) continues to operate admirably to deliver the drink to your mouth, though perhaps not quite as well at this point as a conventional straw. Though they’re very limited in release, so visit this McDonald’s page to find a restaurant stocking it.

Read McDonald’s press release for details – $0 with a Chocolate Shamrock Shake.