MB&F HM6 SV Space Pirate

Unless you’re one of last week’s Powerball winners, the expected price of the MB&F HM6 SV Space Pirate might be a bit of a shocker. Then again, one look at the timepiece and it’s hardly surprising. Like their standard HM6 models their latest masterpiece features a 360° spheres at each corner, capped on both sides by sapphire crystal domes, plus a central dome that displays the 60 second flying tourbillon tracking time. Where the SV differs from its predecessors is that while the latter were largely shielded by metal the SV — which stands for sapphire vision — boasts large sapphire crystal plates on either side that display the movement within, accented with either platinum or red gold. The good news is that only 10 of each colorway are being made, so little chance of bumping into a guy wearing the same watch.

Learn more at MB&F – $TBA (but likely something around $400,000) [via]