Matrix PowerWatch

It’s no secret that the humble battery is trailing the rest of our tech. The Matrix PowerWatch abstains from their use entirely by instead powering itself using body heat (meaning you’ll never need to take it off for charging). This is accomplished thanks to thermoelectric technology that uses a temperature gradient — your body heat on one side and components inside the watch on the other — to generate electricity. The same system also makes accurate calorie measurements possible without the need for a heart rate monitor, on top of tracking steps, sleep quality, plus loading other micro-applications on its monochromatic display such as a timer and stopwatch. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth to sync data to your smartphone and pull the correct time, though it presumably doesn’t generate enough power to keep its radio running all the time and thus can’t receive notifications and the like from your phone. At least it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and boasts water resistance to 50 meters.

Hit up Indiegogo for details – $120