Matador Pocket Blanket

Why head to the beach or a picnic lugging around a bulky, heavy blanket when one that fits in your pocket will do? Matador’s Pocket Blanket is a no brainer for anybody who loves kicking back on grass or sand but doesn’t want to sacrifice all the space in their pack – space that’s better used for food and drinks (or tiny folding chairs). These blankets cover 55″ x 44″ of surface area (or 28″ x 44″ for the Mini), enough for four to sit or two to lay, and are made of hyprLyte Nylon that’s water repellent and puncture resistant. Matador even boasts weighted corners and a printed easy-pack pattern in case you couldn’t figure out how to fold it right back up after use.

Find it at Matador or Amazon – $20 to $25