Mastercard Fingerprint Reading Credit Card

As you’re punching away yet another PIN number as you buy a coffee or pay for lunch, know that the future is brighter — and we’re not talking about Apple Pay. The Mastercard Fingerprint Reading Credit Card is no bigger or thicker than a traditional credit card but is certainly both safer and faster than existing chip cards to confirm your identity, with a fingerprint reader integrated right on the card. This does add a layer of complexity to registration since a financial institution needs to validate your prints, encrypt, and store them on the card itself. But afterwards paying for stuff is as simple as dipping the card into a terminal and placing your thumb on the embedded sensor, with no need to hide your PIN nor worry about skimming. For now trials are limited to South Africa, with additional trials in Europe and Asia Pacific in the coming months, though a full rollout is possible as early as late this year.

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