Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock

Just about everyone’s got a few old, useless padlocks with forgotten combinations. With the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock, that won’t happen. Using Bluetooth, your phone acts as the key for this padlock, so you’ve got no keys or combinations to lose or forget — though a backup password using the directional keypad around the light helps in a pinch or if you want to actually lock your phone into your locker as well. Locker mode works as described above while Unlock Mode lets you unlock it with a touch of any button when your smartphone is within range and Swipe mode has you swipe a screen within the app to unlock. It also lets you share access with specific friends, sends you notifications if it’s being tampered with, notifies you in several ways when battery life is at less than 20%, and tracks all activities (locking, unlocking, alerts, etc) in a viewable log.

Grab one at Amazon – $58