Mass Fidelity raD Wireless Speaker

Mass Fidelity’s Core packed a seriously expansive speaker into a compact package. Their new raD wireless speaker — its name short for radial dispersion — takes a similar sound and compresses it down even further to the point of portability. The speaker is ruggedized to withstand rain and dirt to IPX5 standards and packs along a rechargeable battery that endures 8 hours of playtime. More importantly, though, it’s powerful and clear, dispersing the sound from its four 1.5-inch tweeters and 3-inch woofer in such a way that it fills larger rooms that previous required multiple speaker setups. Should you decide one isn’t enough it’ll wirelessly link up with other raDs and Cores (totalling up to 8) with the push of a button — and same goes for the Core Sub for deeper bass.

Find it at Indiegogo – $170