Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass

Overthought, overdesigned, and extravagant to a fault, you’ll still definitely not want to drop a Marc Newson x Hodinkee Hourglass, especially once you’ve had a peek at the price tag. The hefty, oversized borosilicate glass shape is formed using a complex choreography of torches and turning machines — and all completely by eye, no less — before being filled not with sand but with roughly 1.25 million nanoball spheres made of copper-coated stainless steel, with an added anti-corrosion layer to prevent them turning green over time. Flip it over and the nano balls run through the narrow neck to measure the passing of exactly ten minutes. The run is limited to a total of 100 numbered units that will ship in small numbers one the coming months thanks to the particularly demanding production process.

Find it at Hodinkee – $12,000