ManCan 128 Personal Keg

A gallon of your favorite microbrew-sourced beer won’t stay fresh long in an amber growler. And sure, we don’t doubt your ability to polish it all it before that happens, but you shouldn’t be forced to. That’s why the ManCan 128 Personal Keg was developed. This keg system keeps a gallon of your microbrew or homebrew tasting fresh and fully carbonated thanks to a two-stage regulator that adds in optimal levels of CO2 (via a cartridge) as you pour beer. Whether it takes you a week, a month, or a full year — however unlikely — to empty it, the stainless steel keg won’t leech any air or lose any CO2 thanks to gasket seals and threaded fittings. Also available in 64 oz versions, though all are 5.25-inches in diameter to fit perfectly in your fridge door.

Learn more at ManCan – $195