M-Clip Money Clip

Our experience with the money clips we’ve used over the years has never been particularly great. Magnetic clips lose strength as their load increases, many metal ones bend or weaken over time, and all thus far disappoint. But M-Clips aren’t your run-of-the-mill money clips. These fine cash carriers feature precision stainless steel heat tempered springs, CNC machined bodies, Neoprene rubber grip pads to keep your bills secured, and have sliding levers on each side that keep a sleek profile in your pocket and make for easy opening . They even offer an extra large capacity option in all models for accommodating twice as much stuff (for instance, up to 150 bills), perfect for high rollers or for those who haven’t quite managed to strip down their carry to reasonable levels.

Check out the extensive lineup at Amazon (direct link to black aluminum, shown) or M-Clip – $70+