M-550 Pro Paracord Bug Out Frag

It’s shaped like a hand grenade just for kicks. Where the M-550 Pro Paracord Bug Out Frag really shines is in survival situations. First of all, unravelling it gets you 45 feet total of high quality 550 paracord — 30 feet camo and 15 feet charcoal — as well as 2 feet of safety orange paracord that’s stitched into the handle. But besides a lot of rope it’s also packed with tools inside including an LED tactical light, a mini pocket knife, one ferrocerium fire starting rod with a striker, 30 feet of fishing line plus four fish hooks, a p38 can opener, a compressed towel in a tablet, a wire saw, four water purification tablets, Jute Twine that doubles as kindle, six waterproof and two stormproof matches, and a whistle in its buckle (and we’ve skipped a bunch). Of course once you’ve deployed it getting it back together into its sleek grenade form is probably impossible, but if you really needed what’s inside that won’t matter much.

Find it at Surf City Paracord – $90