Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Make your bed smart in the time it takes to slip on a mattress cover with Luna. Equipped with a handful of discrete, unobtrusive sensors including biometrics (body temperature, respiratory, and heart rate), ambient temperature, light, sound, and more, Luna invisibly tracks the quality of your sleep without having you wear anything, then reports back on its smartphone app with recommendations. A smart alarm wakes you up at just the right moment in your sleep cycle to avoid grogginess, and built-in, dual-zone heaters warm up your bed to help you and your partner relax and fall asleep quicker. It also teams up with your activity tracker, smart thermostat, smart locks, and more, ensuring your house is locked down and lights are off when you hit the hay. Plus, it’s even machine washable.

Last chance to get 20% off retail. Learn more at Luna – $199