Lumu Light Meter

The classic light meter is not something we’d want to lug around with us on a daily basis, particularly not if we’re travelling light with a small daypack and camera. Lumu, on the other hand, is a very different animal. Diminutive in size, Lumu makes use of your exiting hardware, i.e. an iOS 5 iPhone or iPod, by plugging into its headphone port. Then, just position the bulb in front of your subject for Lumu to measure the light, outputting the correct photo parameters to use – ISO, aperture, and time – on its accompanying app. It can also save given parameters, location and a photo as a note for reference, measures light in lux or foot-candle, and works great with simple pinhole cameras by displaying a suggested shutter time. And it never needs a battery.

Find it at Lumu – $150