Luminoodle Color & Basecamp Light Ropes

Lamps are practical, but for lighting up larger areas with less directionality there’s Power Practical’s Luminoodle. Two new models — the Luminoodle Color & Basecamp — each improve on the original in various ways, notably in brightness, the ability to control color output, and the inclusion of both build-in controls on the cord as well as a wireless remote for full control without having to get up off your seat. The Color is 5 feet long and outputs 450 lumens while the Basecamp measures in at a full 20 feet long and gives off a blinding 3,000 lumens at the brightest setting, though both are dimmable for finding just the right setting. They’re also waterproof, include quick straps with steel plates for magnetically affixing your Luminoodle to ropes, tent poles, and more, and run on USB power packs like the Power Practical Pronto.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $19+ (Color) to $54+ (Basecamp)