Love Intelligent Turntable

The Love Intelligent Turntable isn’t unique just for its looks, though these are definitely a breed apart from most record players. Instead it’s the turntable’s particularly intuitive controls and smartphone integration that make it easier and more convenient to use. To start playing music, place a vinyl on the included record base and then the strudel-sized device on top of that. The size of the record is automatically determined, as are the number of tracks, so you can skip tracks or start playing at the track number you like, and do so wirelessly from across the room. Both Bluetooth and WiFi are built-in to output sound wirelessly to various systems, with an included 3.5mm or RCA Bluetooth adapter if your system isn’t yet sans cables, and RPM selection is determined by a switch on the device. It doesn’t weigh on your records, either, instead balancing at its center to let a standard size stylus read the grooves just like the turntables of yesteryear.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $300