Lotusier Tea Humidor

Tea leaves — not unlike those rolled into cigars — can dry up over time, losing the flavors and qualities that result in steeping delicious tea. The Lotusier Tea Humidor does for your tea what cigar humidors do for your stogies, but do keep in mind we’re not talking about preserving your Lipton’s. Each box is about art as much as it is function, handcrafted in Europe of fine woods and materials and fitted with hand-blown crystalware vessels that contain and protect up to six teas from humidity, light, air, and odors. A two-way humidification system within allows for both adding or removing humidity from your loose leaf tea, with precision German-made hygrometers for monitoring levels. So all you’ll really need to do is place it in a temperature controlled room. Available as five distinct regional collections that include Cha Jing, Saicho, Indus, Andalus, and Déco, each inspired by Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Euro-American tea drinking subcultures, respectively.

Learn more at Lotusier – roughly $8,700+