Logitech Silent Mouse

Working/playing on a computer in the midst of sleeping roommates or spouses is made easier by headphones and noiseless keyboards. Notably missing are silent mice, and unless you’re using tap to click your laptop’s trackpad isn’t much better. Logitech’s Silent Mouse finally does away with that infernal clicking, conceived first by studying how exactly the noise is produced and then finding ways to reduce it. The result is the M330 Silent Plus (shown) and the M220 Silent, two peripherals that still have the same traditional clicky feel when pressed but produce 90% less noise — low enough to receive the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark seal of approval. Both also feature extremely long battery life (24 months for the M330, 18 for the M220), long range wireless connectivity, and feature Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking for precise tracking on virtually any flat surface.

Learn more at Logitech – $25 to $30