Logitech Pop Home Switch

Controlling your smart home devices takes something more high tech than wired-in wall switches, and something quicker and more practical than a smartphone app. Each of Logitech’s Pop Home Switch can be programmed with three custom commands to control the lights, the music, and other wireless smart home devices. It works with popular systems like Philips’ Hue, LIFX, and Sonos, and relies on a WiFi bridge that plugs straight into a wall outlet. The switches themselves run on batteries (that are replaceable and last five years) so they can be stuck or kept anywhere, and programming the commands — which are triggered using a simple click, double click, and press-and-hold and include things like setting smart locks or starting a movie (along with adjusting lighting and etc.)  — is done using the Pop app, as is adding additional switches over the included two.

Pick one up at Amazon – $100+