LittlePlanetFactory 3D Printed Celestial Bodies

Amateur astronomers and space buffs know that quality planet props are essentially nonexistent. Until now. LittlePlanetFactory 3D prints a variety of celestial bodies from high-resolution digital models using a proprietary 3D printer, making highly detailed objects as small as 0.4-inches all the way up to 7.8-inches in diameter. Their current selection includes a variety of single moons and planets — including of course our own pale blue dot — as well as a variety of interesting sets that cover our solar system with major moons (pictured, and all to scale), the Galilean satellites, and a set of the Sun, Jupiter, and Earth to scale. Other particularly awesome (and nerdy) options include terraformed Mars, Earth with relief or in color topographic, Venus with removable cloud cover, and many more. And if they don’t have what you want feel free to commission your own.

Find them at LittlePlanetFactory – roughly $24+ [via]