Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70

The 1970’s brought us fondue, disco, Star Wars, and the world’s first foldable SLR Camera, the Polaroid SX-70. It’s back. Sorry, not fondue, but the first camera to use Polaroid’s integral instant film, rendering a completed picture in just a couple of minutes. Though discontinued in 1977, the SX-70 enjoyed a following that eventually led to its re-release this year. This new version is actually the old version that’s been completely restored. Just like the cameras released in the 70’s, this camera doesn’t require a battery as each 8-shot film pack comes with one. The camera is equipped with a 116mm, f8-22 aperture lens, a manual focus from 10″ to infinity, and, as with the original (since this is it), shutter speeds vary from 1/175th to 10+/- seconds.

Priced at a cool $350, and available in classic, chrome or ivy at Photojojo – $350